We Buy Houses Capitol Heights – 6 Things Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

Things Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You about Selling your Capitol Heights House Fast

We Buy Houses In Capitol Heights

At Same Day DC Home Offers, we’ve been working with homeowners throughout Virginia and Maryland for many years, and one of the issues that have been popping up more and more is whether home sellers really need real estate agents. Naturally, sellers are merely seeking advice regarding one of the most significant decisions of their lives. For them, selling a house is not just about selling at a high price; they also want to sell quickly, all the while avoiding the stress and drama often associated with the house-selling process.

Also, there’s the love-hate relationship that Americans have with realtors. Should you trust them? Not really. Do they always have the client’s best interest at heart? Maybe, and sometimes not so much. Should you get them to sell your most prized asset? That depends. But there’s one certain thing; when it comes to selling your Capital Heights property, there are a couple of things realtors won’t tell you. If they do, they risk landing the sale of your home. But you have every right to know these vital points and variables so you can make an informed decision regarding selling your property and the best way to go about it. So if your thinking Sell My Capitol Heights House Fast here are 6 reasons Real Estate Agents may not tell you

  1. Your Property Is Not Worth As Much As You Think

Believe it or not, most realtors know what your home is worth as soon as they walk from the front door to your backyard. However, many won’t tell you this and will put on a song and dance to get you to sign a contract with them. Often, they will bend the truth and tell you only what you want to hear. A realtor telling you that your home will sell for the asking price would suddenly qualify as an excellent option. Don’t be fooled – it’s really just a way for them to get your business.

  1. The Realtor’s Commission Is Negotiable

In today’s Virginia and Maryland real estate market, where some attractive listings get multiple cash offers almost immediately after they are listed, it borders on insanity for property owners to pay a realtor a 6% commission. A realtor’s fee is negotiable. If you’re not sure if their commissions are reasonable, weigh up the tasks they will perform during the house-selling process. Then you can allocate value to their services and negotiate down fees.

When you sell to a “we buy houses Capitol Heights” company such as Same Day DC Home Offers, you don’t pay us anything! We’ll buy your house as-is fast, and we even cover closing costs to sweeten the deal for you.

  1. They May Pass On Your Inquiries To Other Houses

Yes, a real estate agent may pass on inquiries regarding your property to other houses. Remember, your home is not the only property that your realtor is trying to sell. If they find a buyer who is interested in your property but has reservations, they may redirect the said buyer to another house if they think it’s going to be a faster and easier sale.

When this happens, the chances are your property will sit longer in the market, and you’ll be losing money. At Same Day DC Homer Offers, we buy houses Capital Heights for cash directly from you. With us, you can rest assured you’ll sell your home fast for instant cash.

  1. Exclusive Contracts Bound You To Paying Commission

Consider a scenario where you sign an exclusive contract with a real estate agent who ends up being incompetent or does a poor job. In such a case, even if you introduce a buyer to your Capitol Heights house and they end up buying it, under the exclusive contract, you will be required to pay the commission even if the previous incompetent realtor found your buyer or not. This can be infuriating since you could be forced to stick with the wrong agent and still be entitled to pay their fees.

  1. Sale Contracts Do Not Necessarily Offer Ironclad Protection

Real estate agents are not attorneys, and they might not be the best to handle a sale contract. Besides, they won’t tell you that a sales contract doesn’t offer 100% protection. Most houses have material defects. And while these issues are typically reflected in the final sale price, your sale contract could give buyers a leeway to pry more money out of property sellers well after the deal is completed. When selling your Capital Heights property, have a real estate attorney add a clause to the sale contract that protects you against such attempts.

  1. You Don’t Have To Hire A Realtor These Days

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to hire a real estate agent to quickly sell your home? At Same Day DC Home Offers, we buy houses Capitol Heights for cash! We provide you with a seamless and realtor-free house selling solution. We are not real estate agents and buy houses directly from property owners. Give us a call and let us help you save thousands of dollars in agent commissions. Contact Same Day Home Offers to learn how easy it is to sell a property for cash and without an agent in Capitol heights.

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