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Washington house buyers

Washington house buyers, are there any out there?  If you’ve paid any attention to the real estate market over the past two years, then you may have noticed how chaotic it has become. The lingering threat of the virus has caused wild and unpredictable fluctuations throughout the country. In some areas, new residents are rushing in by the dozen and buying everything they can. Then we have areas like Washington DC, where visitors are hesitant to become residents and the market remains stagnant.

What does that mean if you are a DC homeowner wanting to sell your house fast? Perhaps you also want to relocate to a safer area with decreased population density. But how can you make this happen quickly when buyers are moving slower than ever before? 

Washington cash house buyers are the answer. These companies purchase local homes with a solid, cash offer and circumvent the waiting associated with the traditional real estate market. Ultimately, the closing price may be slightly lower than MLS, but it happens at a fraction of the time with only a fraction of the work.

Are All Washington House Buyers Real Estate Agents?

Absolutely not. This is not the same as using an MLS to attract buyers. The company itself is actually buying the property. They aren’t selling the home on your behalf as long as it meets their buying criteria. They may then repair, remodel, and resell the home at another time when the market is more forgiving. Or they may use the property as a rental. In either case, you never have to deal with impressing any additional buyers.

Avoiding real estate agents when selling a property might sound counter-intuitive, but it can actually save you thousands of dollars in unwanted fees. For example, standard real estate commissions paid to the agents range between 5 and 7 percent of the sale price. That means you’re paying $7,000 to sell a $100,000 home. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fees.

The Many Ways You Save

There are many other fees; whether direct or indirect, associated with the real estate market. Repairs are another great example. If you’re going to sell a damaged home with the standard market, then you’ll first need to invest in repairing the property. Some homeowners invest tens of thousands of dollars into expensive repairs, roof replacements, and aesthetic remodeling projects before listing their house.

But what if you didn’t need to pay for repairs or remodeling? Washington house buyers don’t require any of this. They do maintain some standards with the properties they accept, but most homes would easily meet these standards. Is the plumbing damaged? Portions of the roof are missing? Damaged walls, floors, or windows? It doesn’t matter. The home buyers will handle all of these repairs after purchasing the property.

Landscaping and staging can add up to create a significant bill while the house remains listed. MLS properties often need to be staged and maintained for months or even years. That’s a year of paying for utilities at the property, paying for landscaping, and keeping the interior in the best possible condition. If you’re paying this in addition to your normal home expenses, then it can easily break the bank. And the longer the home goes without selling the more money you lose.

There Are No Obligations

Are you curious if your house would meet the Washington House Buyers’ standards? If so, it’s as simple as visiting their website and filling out a form. There is absolutely no obligation on your behalf. You’ll receive an offer for the property after providing adequate details. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to accept that offer or not. There are no application fees or cancellation charges. It’s as easy as saying “yes” or “no”.

Who Can Benefit From A Cash Offer From Washington House Buyers?

Anyone interested in selling their Washington home as quickly as possible could benefit. It is by far the fastest and easiest way to go about selling a home. If you need to secure an income and move as soon as possible, then you should already be filling out the form on our website because we buy houses Washington DC.

Homeowners with a damaged property they don’t want to invest in repairing would benefit as well. An otherwise damaged home can be a serious ongoing expense. Many Washington homeowners inherited damaged homes from relatives and have no real interest in maintaining the property. Instead, they get a fair cash offer for the home and that expense becomes a source of income.

Are you looking for the most money for your home? Chasing that big “windfall” and don’t care how long it takes to sell the property? If so, then Washington home buyers may not be the right choice. But if you’re interested in a decent value, a quick deal, no risk, and no extra work required; then choosing a cash buying company is the best possible solution.

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